JJ Spa at a glance

More often than not, working life in the 21st century robs us from ease, rest and entertainment. Take a look at our everyday routine - we explore opportunities and ideas, making decision, meeting people - chances are, there are so much more things that needs to be done.

Our body needs rest. Our mind and soul craves a pause. We go for vacation, we escape the citylife and find a place where we can unwind. However, it often means more time will be spent away from work. So if time is a constraint, may I welcome you to my JJ Spa.

Let me invite you to let loose yourself for a period of personal pampering. As short as it may be, here you'll experience total relaxation with friendly customer service and genuine hospitality. My masseuses and spa staff are so well-trained that you feel at once tranquil, peaceful and pleased.

Since opening door to customers in 1991, my passion in guaranteeing the best services has given me a pleasure to a loyal following of my own. Nonetheless, my team and I will continue to passionately contribute happiness with each new client encounter. Come and enjoy yourself. Just don't worry about the price - best spa services doesn't need to burn a pocket. Having said that, all you need to do is to drop by.